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Christian Life Coach Training & Certification

Christian Life Coaching Training Coutrse

In 10 Weeks You Can Learn To Help People Grow And Change By Training In Christian Life Coaching Through Distance Learning With A “Live” Instructor

Training in Christian life coaching is a natural and effective way to help people get focused and get moving forward in their lives. Using active listening and powerful questioning, a Christian life coach can assist clients in gaining clarity about the present, forming a vision for their future, and overcoming procrastination to accomplish their goals. Christian coaching is about forward movement.

What You Will Learn Training In Christian Life Coaching

• Learn the difference between coaching and counseling.

• Learn about active listening and how it is important.

• Learn highly effective questioning techniques.

• Learn how to use our exclusive Coaching Process.

• Learn the importance of values and their influence.

• Learn about tools to help clients find their purpose.

• Learn how to spot obstacles that hinder progress.

• Learn common lies people believe and their impact.

• Learn how to help clients make healthy choices.

• Learn about marketing and offering your services.

Training In Christian Life Coaching

How You Will Learn To Be A Christian Life Coach

• Trainees meet one hour each week on a webinar.

• Trainees call in either to our phone line or use Skype.

• Trainees have access to a private online student area.

• Trainees have reading, audio, and written homework.

• Trainees experience several practice coaching sessions.

• Trainees are given an exam at the end of the training.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

• Do I need to have internet access for the course? (Yes)

• Can my clients be Christian and non-Christian? (Yes)

• Do you accept students from other countries? (Yes)

• Will I receive a certificate upon completion? (Yes)

Your Certification Options

You will be certified as a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach™ or a Certified Biblical Life Coach™


Our Course Training Curriculum (Click On Box)



Introduction to Life Coaching – What is Christian Life Coaching? – Coaching versus Other Methods – The Benefits of Life Coaching – Our Coaching Competency Creed – Qualifications of a Good Coach – Qualifications of a Good Client

Core Coaching Competencies – Active Listening Skills – Attitudes, Skills & Choices – Obstacles to Listening – Coaching in the Gap – Asking Powerful Questions – Standard Coaching Techniques

Biblical Identity Coaching – Understanding Personal Identity – Positional Identity Theft – Biblical vs. Secular Worldviews – Getting a God-Sized Perspective

Personal Values Coaching – Living a Values-Driven Life – Ownership of Values – A Coach’s Own Values – Values-Driven Coaching – A Core Values Assessment

Life Purpose Coaching – Discovering Our Uniqueness – Coaching Around Life Purpose – Self-Discovery Gifts Toolbox – Motivators or Motivational Gifts – Passion Indicators & Exercises – Reading Your Life Backwards – Giving Permission to Dream – Vision & Mission Statements

Obstacles & Margins Coaching – Primary External Barriers – Primary Energy Drainers – Assessing Life Balance – Primary Internal Barriers – Getting Past the Barriers – Coaching Through Change

Renewed Mindset Coaching – Importance of Mindset Coaching – The Power of a Life Lie – The Power of Biblical Truth – Coaching Through False Beliefs

Choices & Goals Coaching – Philosophy of Choice – The Power of a Decision – Our Choice Processes – Questions for Change – The Power of Incremental Change – Intelligent Goal Setting – Strategic Action Steps

Powerful Questions & Assessments – Powerful Question Charts – Client Worksheets & Assessments – Goals & Actions Planner – Personal Client Coaching Plan

Coaching For Results – Real-Life Coaching Scenarios – Coaching Forms & Documents – Marketing & Practice Building Training – Membership in the Biblical Coaching Alliance™


Biblical Coaching Alliance

Biblical Coaching Alliance Membership • Marketing Course • Exclusive Facebook Group

Learn New Skills. Start A New Career Or Ministry.

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