Professional Christian Life Coach Training Courses And Certification Since 2009

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Christian Life Coach Training Courses

Since 2009, we have trained Christian life coaches from over 50 countries in our coaching courses.
Let us train and certify you in a “live” webinar format with your own trainer from your home or office.

Christian Life Coach Training

Christian Life Coach Training

Life Coach Training Course $798*
*Limited-Time Special / Payment Options

Christian Marriage Coach Training

Christian Marriage Coach Training

Marriage Coach Training Course $798*
*Limited-Time Special / Payment Options

Advanced Coach Training

Advanced Coach Training Add-On

Advanced Coach Training Course $97*
*Online Video Format / 2 Bonus Courses

Special Christian Coach Training Course Extras:

Coach Marketing


Christian Coaching

Competencies & Techniques

Learn the core professional coaching competencies and powerful client questioning techniques.

Personal Identity & Values

Help your coaching clients explore their biblical identity and prioritize their core values.

Life Purpose & Goals

Come along side clients as they discover purpose, fulfill their dreams, and achieve their goals.

Obstacles & Mindset

See clients experience growth and change by facing roadblocks and renewing their thinking.

Client Voices & Choices

Study active listening skills and learn how to assist clients in making difficult life decisions.

Business & Marketing

Receive access to our exclusive training courses in professional coach business and marketing skills.

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Real Testimonials From Real Christian Coach Training & Certification Students…

Students from the United States

“Life Breakthrough Academy is truly one of the best investments I’ve ever made with my time, energy and finances. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering becoming certified and wants an empowering, biblical program that will set them up for success.”
Holley Gerth, Well-Known Christian Author

“The course is wonderful. You should be proud for putting it together. I am not just saying this, but I received more value from this than from my first certification at about one-fourth of the cost.”

Students from Europe

“Everything about this life breakthrough coach training is first class.” – Lynne

“Previous to this course I took a secular Life Coach course that helped me grasp a bit of the principles of coaching, but I must say that Christian Life Coaching is much more in line with my way of thinking as a Christian.” – Gloria

“The course contains a clear, high standard of values and ethics, a very firm standard from which to base a service to the community as well as a professional practice to the individual.” – Michael

Students from Elsewhere

“Thank you very much for this excellent Life Breakthrough Training Course. I did a lot of studies, researches and trainings in my Life! This is exceptional! Here I experience Jesus` Love and commitment for a better world, for people be healed, to support them to find their way in more freedom.” – Dr. Sybilla

“There may be bigger and more expensive schools around than Life Breakthrough Academy, but there are none better.” – Gerhard

More Christian Coach Training Testimonials

“My dream became a reality. My instructor coached, encouraged, and supported me through every step.” – Carey Bailey

Individual Solo Training for $798 (or 3 payments of $266)

Christian Life Coach Training & Certification Special Only $798*!

CURRENT SPECIAL: Coach Training... $798 or 3 Payments of $266

Christian Marriage Coach Training & Certification Special Only $798*!

CURRENT SPECIAL: Coach Training... $798 or 3 Payments of $266