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The Coaching Skills for Leaders program is to teach coaching skills without requiring the certification process. It is ideal for church leaders and leaders of other businesses and organizations.

Session 1: Introduction to Coaching

– Distinctions between coaching, mentoring, and counseling.
– Having solution-based conversation that result in action.
– The role of coaching in pastoral care or organization leadership.

Session 2: Core Coaching Skills

– The gift and importance of active listening.
– The art od asking powerful, open-ended questions.
– Constructive feedback and effective coaching techniques.

Session 3: The Coaching Process

– Introduction to our exclusive Breakthrough Coaching Model.
– Identtifying and detailing spiritual and personal goals.
– Developing strategic action plans with the 1-Degree Principle.

Session 4: Overcoming Obstacles to Change

– Strategies to deal with both internal and external obstacles.
– How to use values-base coaching to elicit sustainable change.
– Facilitating a growth mindset in coaching conversations.

Session 5: Case Studies & Practical Applications

– Learn from looking at real-life coaching scenarios.
– Experience role-playing to practice practical coaching skills.
– Get access to coaching resources for further skills development.

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