What Coaching Sounds Like

Below is a great example of what Christian life coaching sounds like…

Coach: What would you like to talk about today?

Client: Well, I have a lot going on right now and I’m really feeling overwhelmed. I am trying to redo an area in my basement because a guest is arriving soon, plan for a trip overseas, and work on a program for an Asian church locally.

Coach: You are very busy! Tell me what a good day would look like?

Client: I would get up around 7 am, do a devotional, have breakfast, straighten the house and then have lunch. After lunch, I would work on my overseas trip, read & prepare a lesson, and try to get ahead. For me, being ahead is good and behind is crazy.

Coach: How would you describe the difference between the feeling of being overwhelmed, like today, and your good day?

Client: A good day would be doing things I choose to do rather than feeling like I have to do them.

Coach: Okay, what I am hearing is that the basement and the program for the church doesn’t fit into your good day right now. These are things you have to do?

Client: I need to learn to say “no” more.

Coach: Well, that is certainly something we can talk about. Which of those tasks you listed would you consider the most important to accomplish now? In other words, there may be some things that you will have to say “no” to right now so the most important thing can be focused on.

Client: Well, the basement us definitely the priority right now. My guest is coming soon and it is too late to say “no” to that. My guest is staying in my guest room downstairs and I want it finished before he arrives.

Coach: This is a good start! What would need to happen for you to accomplish that one task?

Client: I just need to put some of the other projects aside for now and just focus on getting that done.

Coach: Just imagine for a minute your basement finished. What is it going to feel like to have that basement done?

Client: It would be one of the big items off my list and such a relief!

Coach: Yes, I can hear it in your voice. Relief is such a great thing isn’t? What are some options to get this basement finished? Would you like to do some brainstorming?

Client: Well, I could get my husband involved. I don’t think he would mind.

Coach: What about other people you know?

Client: No, I really don’t want them to see the mess.

Coach: What else?

Client: I can’t think of anything else. To tell you the truth, I have just been putting this off way too long. I will sit down with my husband and discuss how we are going to get this done. I know he will help me.

Coach: Great! When will you do that?

Client: I promise I will talk with him today.

Coach: How do you feel about that?

Client: So much better! Thank you for helping me focus.

Coach: What is going to keep you from talking with your husband today?

Client: Nothing. I am going to do it. I promise!

Coach: Great! I am glad to hear your determination. Will you email me
and let me know that you had your conversation with your husband?

Client: I will. You will be the first to know.

Coach: Great! Let me pray with you.

Client: Yes, please!