Christian Marriage Coach Training

christian marriage coach training

In Just 10 Weeks You Can Train To Help Couples Grow And Change By Becoming A Certified Marriage Coach Through “Live” Online Learning With An Experienced Instructor

Christian marriage coach training is a highly effective way to help couples get focused and get moving forward in their relationships. Using active listening and powerful questioning, a Christian marriage or relationship coach can assist couples in gaining clarity about the present and future.

What You Will Learn In Your Christian Marriage Coach Training Course

• Learn the difference between coaching and counseling.

• Learn about active listening and how it is important.

• Learn highly effective questioning techniques.

• Learn how to use our exclusive Coaching Process.

• Learn the importance of values and their influence.

• Learn how mindsets cause relationships to break down.

• Learn about 10 areas that boost healthy marriages.

• Learn the ins and outs of couple communication.

• Learn how to handle arguing couples in crisis mode.

• Learn about marketing and offering your services.

Christian Marriage Coach Training

You will be certified as a Marriage Breakthrough Coach™

Frequently Asked Questions

• Do I need internet access in order to participate. (Yes)

• Can this training be done in only 10 weeks? (Yes)

• Do my coaching clients have to all be Christian? (No)

• Will I do practice coaching during the 10 weeks? (Yes)

• Do you accept students from other countries? (Yes)

• Conduct practice coaching sessions during the week.

• Will there be a written exam at the end. (Yes)

• Will I receive a printed certificate for framing? (Yes)


Christian Marriage Coaching

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