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View Coaching As A Business

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To Succeed as a Coach, You have to View Coaching as a Business

Let’s get one thing clear. Most people in this world are good in at least one element of their life. Maybe they’re passionate about a certain subject. Perhaps they put in a lot of time, effort and energy doing all sorts of activities and tend to get good in at least one of them. All of us can be experts in at least one area of expertise.

The problem is just because we can be experts in those areas doesn’t necessarily mean that we will become successful coaches in those areas of expertise. This is the mistake too many people make. They get all excited about the fact that they know their stuff. In fact, they would brag that they are the very best experts in the local area when it comes to doing certain things.

This may well be true but the problem is if you look at your coaching business as something that you do on the side, you are doing yourself a big disservice. You really are. You are actually setting yourself up for eventual failure.

Too many people think that just because they are naturally ‘good’ at something that they can dispense high quality services whenever they want and based purely on their own terms. While this might work in rare cases, for most people, this doesn’t work. They are either too distracted or too confused to build a solid brand providing a memorable service. This should not be a surprise since they view their service as more of a hobby than a vocation or, better yet, a business.

The truth is if you are serious about making money as an online coach, you have to wrap your mind around it; you have to commit to it and, yes, you have to treat it as a business. That’s right. A real business means you have to lay out the difficulties you’re struggling with and solve them one by one.

Unfortunately, a lot of would-be life or relationship coaches never manage to do this. They’re just focused on how passionate they are. They’re just focused on how many people they can help with their expertise.

Those are well and good but until and unless you view your coaching activities as part of a business, chances are you will continue to struggle long into the future. Chances are you are probably not going to make the kind of money you had hoped.

You have to run it like a business; you have to make hard decisions and you have to set it up in a systematic and methodical way.

However, if you have the right plan and you are viewing coaching as a business, you definitely can go a long way towards increasing your chances of success.