Coaches Need to Decide

Coaches need to decide on priorities.

Decide what’s truly important to you regarding your coaching practice. Focus early in the day by learning to say “no” to the unimportant and “yes” to the very important.

Coaches need to decide to listen.

It’s okay to want to be understood, but when both parties are trying to be noticed, neither party is listening. By making the choice to listen to carefully to your clients, you can change the course of your conversations.

Coaches need to decide on a mission.

Get a deep sense of your coaching practice’s mission, purpose and value system, then establish your goals and a system of accountability that keeps you on track.

Coaches need to decide on a plan.

Begin with an awareness of your goals as the frame of reference by which everything else is examined. With a clear idea of where you are going, examine everything in the context of what matters to you most.

Coaches need to decide to take action.

It’s more than just being proactive. It means being responsible for your own success. Allow yourself to lead and spread your influence no matter what position you hold.

Coaches need to decide to decide.

None of the above can be accomplished until you make choices. No decision is actually the worse decision you can make. No decision makes you vulnerable to circumstances and the decisions of others.