life coaching

RISE UP! – Your Breakthrough To A Brand New You is a life skills and insights for everyone program. It is designed to teach life skills for successful Christian living.

Lesson 1 – Assemble Your Story: Narratives, Labels & Limits
Lesson 2 – You Are What You Think: Beliefs, Emotions & Behavior
Lesson 3 – Aligning Your Heart: Needs, Values & Priorities
Lesson 4 – Finding Your Why: Strengths, Gifts & Purpose
Lesson 5 – Overcome Your Obstacles: Fears, Temptations & Setbacks
Lesson 6 – What You Feed Will Thrive: Deposits, Habits & Actions

It is presently being created and will be available soon. If you want to be notified when it is available, please contact us via our contact form on this website.