What Is A Christian Coach?

When it comes to change, the most predominate way of thinking in the world today is that if you want people to change, you just need to tell them what to do often enough and then they will go out and do it. Wow, wouldn’t it be great if it was that simple? If it … Read more

The Power of Words

Through the years, most of us have heard the benefits of fasting for our overall health and well-being. What would happen if we applied the principle of fasting to our conversation or words? What would be the benefits? What would happen if we were intentional about eliminating toxic words from our vocabulary? I believe in … Read more

5 Steps to Personal Success

Step 1: Find Your Lane Have you ever noticed that successful people seem to exude confidence? A lot of that confidence comes from knowing the correct “lane” for your life. Personal success comes from understanding who they are and who they are not. They know their strengths, gifts and passions and have decided to invest … Read more