What Is A Christian Coach?

When it comes to change, the most predominate way of thinking in the world today is that if you want people to change, you just need to tell them what to do often enough and then they will go out and do it. Wow, wouldn’t it be great if it was that simple? If it was that simple, clearly, many of the world’s problems would have been solved by now! We live in an information age where people are constantly talked to and at. However, in all honesty, how many of us even remember some of the speeches or sermons we have recently heard or that seminar we recently attended? The truth is we don’t!

In Christian coaching, we believe there is a better way to facilitate change than just talking “to” and “at” people. Christian coaches are trained to ask powerful questions that help their clients think out loud and experience their own discoveries. We believe people are resourceful and in many cases have their own answers. People don’t want to be told so much what to do as they want to be heard. Even though a person may be stuck or confused in some ways, when the answer does come from them and they take ownership of it, then the change is a lot more likely to be lasting and sustainable.

As a Christian coach, I am not interested in my own agenda or my own plans. Instead, I want to know what is in my client’s heart and what matters to them, their desires, dreams, and goals. I come alongside to support them, talk strategy with them, and cheer them on to their desired results.

The best way I can summarize coaching is to say that coaching really is a powerful partnership for change! To have a Christian coach is to have a relationship with a life strategist, accountability partner, confidant, and cheerleader all rolled in one person. So, when coaching is at its best it is about all about change and transformation and taking an individual from where they are to where they desire to be in life. Many successful people in life and business will tell you that they were able to achieve huge milestones and greater success because of one key ingredient and that was their partnership and relationship with a Christian coach.

Published by Janet Daughtry

Life & Leadership Coach Trainer, Breakthrough Coach, Speaker and Author. Janet is the co-founder of Life Breakthrough Coaching & Academy and the Biblical Coaching Alliance.