Christian Coaching Programs

If you aren’t offering online Christian coaching programs in addition to the traditional face-to-face or telephone/Skype coaching, you may be missing out on many great opportunities to serve your clients and generate more revenue.

Here’s why online Christian coaching programs are something to consider:

1. You can coach whatever time of day works for you. The flexibility means you can do many other things during your day, and don’t have to reschedule your clients.

2. You can offer your clients a more affordable solution than face-to-face or telephone/Skype coaching, which means you can add more price points and appeal to different budgets in your market.

3. Many times you’ll find that online clients will upgrade to become your telephone/Skype coaching clients as they experience what you can offer them through your self-coaching and online Christian coaching programs.

4. You can provide loads of additional tools and resources built into online Christian coaching package, giving your clients more value, without you having to be there (for example, you might have audios or videos to teach your clients about a life principle, instead of taking time to do that on the phone).

5. You can go on vacation, pop into an internet cafe, and still service your clients!

6. Time zones don’t matter in online Christian coaching!

7. You can automate client payments, which means you don’t have to go chasing for invoices. Hope you see how many great benefits you’ll gain when you offer online coaching.

Here are a couple of ways to implement online Christian coaching programs:

1. Create an online training and Christian coaching program along with do-it-yourself coaching worksheets so that a client can pay you for access and receive a username and password for access. Give them the option to upgrade to telephone/Skype coaching with you personally in addition to the online program at slightly lower than your normal rate. This version would likely be a single-topic format like “How to Set and Accomplish Goals”, “Making Better Decisions in Life”, “Relationship Rescue”, etc.

2. Create an online membership or coaching lab on your website containing multiple topics along with do-it-yourself coaching worksheets or online forms. Use audios and videos to deliver the training portions that lead the client to use the the coaching worksheets or forms. Give them the option to access telephone/Skype coaching anytime with you personally in addition to the online program at slightly lower than your normal rate.

Add more income streams with Christian coaching programs.

Published by Daryl Daughtry

Life and Leadership Coach and a Coach Trainer and Christian Speaker. Co-Founder of Life Breakthrough Academy and President of the Biblical Coaching Alliance.