Successful Christian Coaches

Successful Christian coaches typically will have all or most of the following bases covered…

1. Niche Penetration
How well defined your niche is, and what percentage of your niche community knows you and your solutions… Is there an organization or a magazine, where at least 80 % of members or readers will be interested in what you have to say? Is there anything specific you’re known for? If I need someone with your expertise and start asking around, will your name come up in the top 3 people who could help me? In the top 10?

2. Clarity of Solutions
How clear your solutions are to prospective clients, and how structured your programs are that solve specific problems… Is there a time-defined process or series of steps your clients have to go through to achieve what they came to you for? A 6-week coaching program?

3. Marketing Funnel
Giveaways, sign-up forms, multiple ways of generating leads, and a well-streamlined process to acquire clients… Could you sit down for 20 minutes and write down exactly how clients find you, what steps they’re taking to enter your prospecting funnel, what you do next to make them aware of your solutions and sample what you do, and finally what needs to happen for them to become a client?

4. Passive Income
Products, multiple sources of revenue, content leverage… Do you have at least 25% of your income coming from products? Do you understand the different strategies for creating a new product fast? Do you consistently repackage, repurpose, and re-use your knowledge to create multiple products?

5. Automation
Follow-up, client database, billing, delegation… How full is your “yuck” bucket? Are there a lot of activities you do that you don’t want to be doing?

6. Brand and Visibility
Newsletter, speaking, trade associations, articles, events, tv and radio appearances… Do you have 2, 3 or more activities you do that consistently put your name in front of your target audience? For example, when I think about multiple streams of coaching income, I immediately think of John Maxwell; that’s a brand. Is there anything specific that you’re known for?

7. Client Retention
Client satisfaction, referrals, average life of a client… Could you say, with absolute confidence, that your clients get their money’s worth? Do they refer their friends to you? Do they stay with you for at least 6 months or longer? Do you have a maintenance program in place to keep your clients on track even after they’ve achieved their goals?

Published by Daryl Daughtry

Life and Leadership Coach and a Coach Trainer and Christian Speaker. Co-Founder of Life Breakthrough Academy and President of the Biblical Coaching Alliance.