Successful Christian Coaches

Successful Christian coaches typically will have all or most of the following bases covered… 1. Niche Penetration How well defined your niche is, and what percentage of your niche community knows you and your solutions… Is there an organization or a magazine, where at least 80 % of members or readers will be interested in … Read more

Christian Coaching Programs

If you aren’t offering online Christian coaching programs in addition to the traditional face-to-face or telephone/Skype coaching, you may be missing out on many great opportunities to serve your clients and generate more revenue. Here’s why online Christian coaching programs are something to consider: 1. You can coach whatever time of day works for you. … Read more

A Christian Coach Builds Trust

One of the important aspects of being a Christian coach is building trust with your clients. This is essential in getting the client to offer open and honest information when asked coaching questions. Here are 6 things that facilitate trust and confidence… 1 – A Christian coach supports rather than controlling the client. 2 – … Read more